Frequently Asked Questions


Is assistance available for Autism Services?

Yes. The Ohio Department of Education has an Ohio Autism Scholarship Program that provides $20,000.00 annually and can be used to pay for services at Insight and other approved registered alternate providers. Call 1-877-644-6338 for more information.

For a full list of requirements & application forms, visit http://www.ode.state.oh.us/ and search for "Autism."


What is an Evaluation?

When learning difficulties are detected, an evaluation can determine or rule out a specific learning disability such as ADD, dyslexia and/or an attentional, developmental or behavioral disorder.  Evaluations include the following:

  • Initial Parent Interview (1hr 15 min) to compile a complete history, review records, and define current issues and goals of evaluation.
  • Completion of multi-source rating scales by teachers & parents & student(if old enough)
  • Individual Testing Sessions:
    • Two-3 hour sessions with psychologist
    • One-1 hour session with Occupational Therapist
    • One-1 hour session with a speech/language therapist

Testing Includes

  • Ability or intelligence/IQ
  • All areas of academic achievement
  • Auditory & visual processing
  • Short term, long term & working auditory memory
  • Visual memory & visual perceptual skills
  • Receptive & expressive languag
  • Visual-motor integration & gross motor & fine motor
  • Sensory integration
  • Planning & organizational skills/executive function
  • Social/emotional & behavioral adjustment
  • Parent Conference to review evaluation results (1 hour)
  • Student Conference to review results and plan (1/2 hour)
  • Written report with recommendations (8-10 pages) for learning modality preference, learning strategies & interventions, behavior & social-emotional growth.

Classroom observation & follow up conferences with school personnel are arranged as needed at an additional fee.

Fees range from $1400-$1900 & are due at time of service. Reports are released only with full payment. Visa/MasterCard & American Express accepted.


Why have an evaluation?

Does your child have a tough time with school & learning? Or do they not enjoy school? Do you wonder if they might have a learning disability?  Need to test for ADD?

Do they:

  • Read slowly or stumble on words?
  • Avoid writing?
  • Say school is boring!
  • Hate math?
  • Have trouble making or keeping friends?

If you suspect learning, attention or social problems an expert evaluation team can give you the answers you need.

At Insight Learning & Wellness Center we have assembled a psychological evaluation team that includes highly experienced and licensed school psychologists, a speech language pathologist and an occupational therapist. This team provides caring, efficient, cohesive, professional service with timely follow through. We have been providing complete evaluations for over 20 years. This experience provides peace of mind that you will receive comprehensive results in less time and at a lower cost than going through traditional channels.


When would someone would need O.T?

Occupational therapy is defined as “the application of knowledge of the effects of occupation, namely an activity in which one engages(such as school), upon human beings, to facilitate the integration of biological, social and psychological systems for optimum function. The occupation therapist guides a person to overcome impairment and learn new skills to carry out those activities that the person needs to, wants to, and is expected to perform.”  (American OT Assoc 1/2000)


When would someone need a naturopathy?

Naturopathy has been described as a “philosophy as much as a system of health care, founded on trust in the natural order of life and the self-regulating potential of human nature…..Naturopathy works by supporting the normal functioning, particularly recognized is the interdependence of the parts of our being…treatment focuses on re-integration. The treatment methods are natural and utilize food, touch, water, movement, and posture. (A practical guide to Naturopathy by Steward Mitchell).


Who benefits from a social skills group?

A social skills group can help anyone that is having problems making or keeping friends, someone who feels nervous or awkward in groups or social settings or anyone with ADHD or Aspergers. The 7 SEASS(self esteem and social skills) Club is perfect for anyone who needs friendship skills. This group will build self-awareness, self-esteem and confidence. In addition it can foster and sustain friendships, teach problem solving, conflict resolution, social and conversational skills. The SEASS Club provides a safe, secure and comfortable setting to promote personal growth. The clubs are limited in size(only 4-6 students per group) to allow for individual attention. Individuals are grouped by age and meet once per week for one hour. The session are in 12 class segments which includes one session for parents only. In this session, parents learn how to reinforce at home the principals learned in the group. We also often share materials with teachers for positive reinforcement of social skills at school as well. In fact we often help incorporate goals in the student’s educational plans.


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