Powerful Play

A dramatic play group for adults…that’s right no kids allowed on this play date!

In this group experience you will engage in dramatic techniques (using movement, sound, and role-play) to encounter other adults in a playful manner.  

Summer Sessions: 7-8pm: June 7, July 19, Aug 9

•    Have fun
•    Connect with people
•    Feel alive
•    Reduce stress
•    Increase creativity
•    Be in the present moment
•    Increase flexibility
•    Increase spontaneity


This is a play group for adults whose spirits long to play.  Be prepared to move and engage in dramatic play (movement, sound, role-play) with other adults.  This is not an improv class and no acting experience is required.  It is only necessary that you have the innate human capacity to play and think you would enjoy doing so again.  

The group structure will be based on a modality of drama therapy, developmental transformations, which has been in use for 30 yrs (www.developmentaltransformations.com).  The experience is something like free association in action.  The objectives of the technique are to increase one’s flexibility to better cope with the instability of being, or daily turbulence of being alive. 
Powerful Play is a flexibility practice for the spirit/body/mind, like yoga or meditation, but its basis is social interaction rather than solitary practice.  Playing may help you feel vivacious, reduce stress, increase creativity, enhance relationships, improve your work ethic, help you sleep better, and address other common maladies attributed to modern living.  

Play has long been regarded as the human way of learning new tasks and processing emotional experiences. Children play for hours as they are learning about social interaction, motor skills, practicing new social roles, and just having fun.  As adults, play tends to transform into more subtle forms, manifesting as conceptual thinking, imagination, storytelling, jokes, or sublimated into structured activities like sports. 
However, this does not mean that adults do not need or want to play in an embodied manner, it is only that they are not given space and permission to do so.  Drama therapist, Sue Jennings writes, “…play is something people have to do,” Modern American adult life consists of 40 hour work weeks, few vacations, bills, kids, relationship drama, a recession, and the list of stressors goes on and on.  Do yourself a favor and take a break.  Play, be present, enjoy life, enjoy other people.  

Please join drama therapist, Nicole Brucato, IMFT, RDT for an experience you won’t forget and revive your spirit.  Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely.  This is a monthly group, membership is open, and commitment is on a per session basis.  

Summer Sessions: 7-8pm: June 7, July 19, Aug 9
$15 per session
Please call Nicole to register: 216-586-IMFT (4638)