Empowered Professionals

Empowered Helping Professionals
An inspirational process group for health care and healing professionals.

This group is intended to help you feel inspired and reinvested in your career in caring for others.

Summer session: 6 session series
7:00 - 8:30pm, June 2, 16, 30; July 18, 25; August 4


  • Reduce stress
  • Prevent burn-out
  • Feel inspired
  • Meet other invested professionals
  • Be heard
  • Increase creativity
  • Grow professionally
Every mental and physical health care professional is personally impacted by their clients’ or patients’ struggles and triumphs; it’s what makes the work so rewarding.  However, it can also feel burdensome at times tackling intense problems every day.  We have all been taught not to take the work home, but what happens when taking a walk just doesn’t cut it?  

The Group:
In this process group you will have the opportunity to join other helping professionals to support each other in expressing reactions to your work in a safe, supportive, and contained environment.  The group process will employ drama therapy techniques (role-play, scenes, and sound and movement exercises) to explore in depth the emotional impact of your profession.  Through supportive and creative sharing, you will feel inspired and reinvested in your work.

This group will be appropriate for mental health practitioners, doctors, nurses, massage and occupational therapists, and other professionals whose primary responsibility is the care of others.  

The Leader:
Nicole Brucato, IMFT, RDT is an independent marriage and family therapist and registered drama therapist currently practicing at a local non-profit mental health agency providing intensive in-home therapy services, as well as providing treatment to clients in private practice at Insight.  She has survived and even enjoyed working  in a number of challenging settings including in-patient psychiatric, residential treatment, inner-city schools, and mental health agencies serving low-income and underserved populations.   Nicole believes strongly in the importance of self care, humor, creativity, play, and group support in maintaining your own health and happiness while providing excellent care for other people.

The Commitment:  
$80 with registration for all 6 sessions, otherwise $15 per session.  
Please contact Nicole Brucato to reserve your spot (only 10 spaces available):  216-586-IMFT (4638)